Partnerships: Let’s Lead the Change in Bladder Cancer Worldwide, Together

Our vision is to realize a world where bladder cancer is treated with confidence and great patient outcomes are the accepted norm. We have extensive experience in bringing new technologies to market to do just that.


To expand our footprint within the urology space we are looking for innovative products that fit our capabilities and unique position in the bladder cancer area. With our extensive network built through our development and commercialization of Blue Light Cystoscopy, we can offer a wealth of expertise within the field of urology including established relationships with urologists and nurses. We are interested in diagnostics, therapeutics, medical devices and combination products.

Based on development and commercialization of first-in-class products we have extensive experience in bringing new technologies to market.

Contact us to explore the possibilities of combining our individual strengths for the benefit of urology and healthcare providers


In 2019 Photocure has out-licensed its own-developed product Cevira® to Asieris Meditech Co., Ltd. for development, regulatory approval and commercialization.