Our Partners

Own commercialization in the U.S. and Europe; strategic partnerships for Hexvix®/Cysview® in China, Canada, Chile, Australia and New Zealand.

  • Asieris Meditech Co., Ltd

    In July 2019, Photocure entered into a License Agreement providing Asieris Meditech Co., Ltd (Asieris) with a world-wide license to develop and commercialize Cevira® for the treatment of HPV induced cervical precancerous lesions.
    In addition, in January 2021 Asieris has obtained exclusive rights to register and commercialize Hexvix® in Mainland China and Taiwan.

    Asieris web page

  • BioSyent Pharma Inc

    In 3Q 2015, Photocure entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with BioSyent Pharma Inc. for the commercialization of Cysview® in Canada.

    BioSyent web page

  • Combat Medical

    In August 2018, Photocure entered into an exclusive distribution deal for the Nordic area with Combat Medical Ltd for distribution of their patented medical device. This innovative and highly automated device delivers heated therapy to bladder cancer patients, and fits very well into the bladder cancer expertise and current Hexvix® business.

    Combat Medical web page

  • Genotests SpA

    In August 2020, Photocure appointed Genotests SpA, a privately held company founded in 2014 specializing in genetic tests for cancer targeting cancer specialists, as the exclusive distributor for the commercialization of Hexvix® in Chile.

  • Juno Pharmaceuticals

    In 2Q 2015, Photocure entered into an exclusive distribution agreement with Juno Pharmaceuticals, for the registration and commercialization of Hexvix® in Australia and New Zealand.

    Juno web page