Interaction with Health Care Professionals

In 2013, the European Industry Organization for Medicinal Products (EFPIA) decided to publish all financial transfers from the pharmaceutical industry to healthcare professionals and health organizations.

Photocure interacts with healthcare organizations (HCO) and physicians (HCP) every day. Both the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry has a common interest in developing new and better products and to ensure that the existing ones are used in a way that benefits the patients. We believe that a close collaboration between scientists, physicians and the industry is crucial to secure the development and effective use of new drugs and to enable the future of research to improve healthcare for patients. We also truly believe that the interaction between health care personnel or organizations and the industry should be open and transparent in order to succeed in achieving the best healthcare for every patient.

In 2013 the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA) presented a new code on the promotion of prescription-only medicines to, and interactions with, healthcare professionals. The intention is to increase transparency and show financial relationships between companies and healthcare organizations and physicians by publishing the information in public channels. Read more about the code here:

A transparent disclosure regarding payments and transfers of value between the medical community and the pharmaceutical industry is important to keep a trustworthy and healthy relationship with patients, HCPs, government officials and the public and it strengthens our commitment to high ethical business standards. The first disclosure report was published in 2016 based on payments in 2015. Link to the latest reports and LMI webpage