Corporate Governance

Solid Corporate Governance to ensure trust and value creation. 

  • Corporate Governance

    Photocure ASA the ("Photocure" or the "Company") has made a strong commitment to ensure trust in the Company and to enhance shareholder value through effective
    decision-making and improved communication between the management, the board of directors and the shareholders. The Company's framework for corporate governance is intended to decrease business risk, maximize value and utilize the Company's resources in an efficient, sustainable manner, to the benefit of shareholders, employees and society at large.

  • Corporate Social Responsibility

    The following provides a discussion of the Company's corporate governance in relation to each section of the Corporate Governance Code for the financial year 2016. Photocure's compliance with the Code is detailed in this report and section numbers refer to the Corporate Governance Code.

  • Articles of Association

    Resolved by the board of directors of Photocure ASA on 13 February 2019.
    The Articles of Association of Photocure ASA are in Norwegian. The following is merely a translation of the actual Articles of Association.

  • Management Remuneration Policy

    The Board of directors' declaration on determination of salaries and other remuneration for senior management 2018.