Doctor and patient discussing bladder cancer

Research and Innovation

Expertise in bladder cancer, from exploratory research to innovative customer services. 

We have a strong track record in developing and commercializing pharmaceutical products based on photodynamic technology. We have brought two first-in-class products to the market, one for non-melanoma skin cancer and one for better detection and management of bladder cancer.

Therapeutic area focus going forward

Building on our solid foundation in the bladder cancer area our vision is to continue innovating both products and services to ensure better outcomes for patients with bladder cancer and other urological diseases.

Bladder cancer innovation

Hexvix® (trademark Cysview® in the US and Canada) is a breakthrough innovation based on Photocure technology® for early and improved diagnosis and management of non-muscle invasive bladder cancer.

The strong evidence from randomized clinical trials, supported by cost-effectiveness studies and real-world evidence, has led to inclusion in national and international bladder cancer guidelines.

Blue Light Cystoscopy vs White Light Cystoscopy

Developing and documenting the product to achieve market authorization is just the first step. To continue building new knowledge and evidence of efficacy and safety through clinical trials, supporting investigator initiated studies and collecting data of use in the day-to-day practice are all important drivers in our research and innovation. We maintain the largest registry of bladder cancer patients in the US which contributes to our evidence base and experience. We support the largest community of bladder cancer patients and caregivers (BCAN), and regularly receive ideas and input that drives further research and innovation.

Innovation at Photocure also encompasses continuous improvement in the services we offer for urology care providers; training, material and tools to optimize the patient care and making the product accessible to more patients.

Our approach is to ensure we understand the individual provider's or institution's needs, and to tailor-make the training and implementation programs. Our clinical trials and practical experience across numerous institutions, countries and continents make us confident that we are well positioned to contribute to shaping the future within bladder cancer.