Board of Directors

  • Jan H Egberts
    Jan H. Egberts Chairperson of the Board

    Dr. Egberts has over 25 years of experience in the pharmaceutical and medical devices sector. Currently, Dr. Egberts serves as the Managing Partner of Veritas Investments, a private investment company focused on minority and controlling investments in healthcare companies.

    Dr. Egberts gained his medical degree from Erasmus University Medical School in the Netherlands and pursued the clinical part of his medical training at Harvard Medical School. Dr. Egberts also obtained an MBA from Stanford University.

    After Stanford, he joined McKinsey & Co. as a strategic consultant in New York. Dr. Egberts subsequently held various business development and general management positions of increasing responsibility in the USA at Merck & Co. and Johnson & Johnson. Thereafter, he served as Senior Advisor, Healthcare Investments for 3i, the private equity firm. Dr. Egberts then became CEO of OctoPlus, a publicly traded specialty pharmaceutical company in the Netherlands. OctoPlus was subsequently acquired by Dr. Reddy Laboratories. After this, Dr. Egberts joined Agendia, a molecular diagnostics company, initially as board member and subsequently full time as interim CEO. Dr. Egberts also has held over 15 executive and non-executive supervisory board positions in the U.S.A. and various European countries.

    Jan Egberts holds 14 500 shares in Photocure.

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  • Dr Johanna Holldack
    Johanna Holldack Director

    Dr. Holldack has international operational experience from pharma companies, including clinical trials, drug approvals, IPOs and licensing. She has also managed several mergers and acquisitions. In addition, Dr. Holldack has venture capital experience from Swiss-based Aravis Venture where she was a partner for 5 years. Her industry career spans over 20 years, during which she held key positions in both start-up and large pharma companies. Her experience includes management and executive positions at Behringwerke, Chiron, MediGene, Borean Pharma, Telormedix and Trethera Corporation. She is chairman of Amal Therapeutics.

    Dr. Holldack has a medical degree from Georg-August-University in Göttingen, Germany and is a Board Certified pediatrician. In addition, she has held positions as an assistant professor at the University of Essen, research fellow for the Deutsche Krebshilfe and a research associate at Harvard Medical School.

    Johanna Holldack holds no shares in Photocure.

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  • Grannum Sant
    Grannum R. Sant Director

    Grannum R. Sant is currently an independent consultant for medical organizations and biopharmaceutical industry, and Professor of Urology at Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, USA. Dr. Sant has a broad and deep international experience in pharma and academia. From 2003 to 2013 he held senior leadership roles including Vice President and Head of Medical Affairs for urology and oncology at Sanofi US. His last pharma position (2010-2013) was as Vice President, Head of Global Medical Affairs Rare Genetic Diseases at Genzyme. Dr. Sant is a board certified urologist in the US and prior to 2003 was Professor and Chair of the Urology at Tufts University School of Medicine.

    Grannum Sant holds no shares or share options in Photocure.

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  • Anders Tuv Director

    Anders Tuv is currently and has since 2011 been Investment Director at life science investment company Radforsk with a focus on immunotherapies and precision medicines. He is an experienced investment and business development professional with broad experience from the health care and biotech industry covering founding and building biotech companies, strategy and business development, R&D collaborations, licensing deals, due diligences, private placements, M&As and IPOs. Anders also has been part of the operational development of several biotechs. He holds a MBE degree. Anders holds several chairman and non-executive director positions in Norwegian biotech companies.

    Anders Tuv holds no shares in Photocure.

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  • Anne Worsøe Director

    Anne Worsøe is Managing Partner and co-founder at Farmhouse Capital, an Oslo-based investment company, and Venture Partner at Antler, a global early-stage venture capital firm. Previously, she was a partner at Bakken & Bæck, a digital studio specialized in product design and machine learning, while the company scaled from 16 to 60+ people in Norway, Netherlands and Germany. As Director of Innovation Norway in San Francisco, Anne initiated and co-founded Nordic Innovation House in Silicon Valley, and launched a startup program for validating product-market fit in the USA. Prior to moving abroad, she held the position as Head of New Business at Statkraft, and she was the first CEO of the Norwegian Venture Capital & Private Equity Association.
    Anne is currently Chair of the Board at First Seed foundation and a Board Member at Formuesforvaltning, Kron and OwnersRoom, and an expert jury member at European Commission's Horizon Europe.

    Anne Worsøe holds no shares in Photocure.

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