The Company

Photocure, The Bladder Cancer Company, delivers transformative solutions to improve the lives of bladder cancer patients.

We are transforming from a technology-based focus and being a global leader in photodynamic therapy to a valued player in the bladder cancer area. Based on our experience, solid foundation and growth of our break through bladder cancer product , we have a stepwise approach to further developing our products and services for the benefit of patients, urology care providers and the health care society.

Photocure is headquartered in Oslo, Norway, and currently operates in the US and Nordic area with our own organization and through partners in other territories. We have more than 70 highly skilled employees and double-digit growth.

Our Vision

Driving change in bladder cancer management

Today we deliver solutions that improve the lives of bladder cancer patients.

We will build on our deep knowledge of the disease, our clinical trials expertise and the insight to the clinics and urologists providing the care. This is a solid foundation to further develop products and services to make life better for bladder cancer patients.

  • Focusing our research and medical capabilities to make our products accessible to more patients.
  • Expanding our portfolio of transformative products through partnerships.
  • Delivering new transformative solutions through our own research and development.

Our Core Values

Our values constitute key premises for the company, both internally and externally. Our values - Care, Courage and Passion - guide our behavior and form the basis for Photocure's ethical guidelines.

We have defined what the core values mean for Photocure employees:

  • CARE: behave respectfully, act professionally, utilize diversity, support to succeed
  • COURAGE: dare to trust, be transparent, challenge to improve, be gutsy
  • PASSION: embrace creativity, inspire your colleagues, walk the extra mile, have fun