We are Photocure, The Bladder Cancer Company

Our story

Our story began in 1997 at our headquarters in Oslo, Norway. From there our expertise and vision has helped us become a global leader in photodynamic technology and in bladder cancer.

In collaboration with our partners, we are dedicated to improving outcomes for hundreds of thousands of patients. It's a dedication that can be seen in our products and services, providing transformative solutions that improve the management of bladder cancer.

Our sole aim is to improve the lives of bladder cancer patients through
leading change in the treatment and support of this condition.

Our vision

Leading change in bladder cancer.

Everyone at Photocure has a shared focus, and that's to make a continuous, positive impact on the lives of our patients, the people we work with, and society as a whole.

We believe that for too long patients with bladder cancer have had limited options, leaving them living in fear of recurrence and progression. This is why we're The Bladder Cancer Company – and why every single person at Photocure is focused on a single mission.

Our mission

To deliver transformative solutions to improve the lives of bladder cancer patients.

Our mission is to shape a future where patients can get on with their lives and bladder cancer is seen as manageable. We pride ourselves on our ambition to innovate; to create medicines, medical devices and improved procedures that help health care providers deliver improved bladder cancer outcomes to their patients.

No other cancer accepts the recurrence rates seen with bladder cancer.
This has to change. That's why we're working to ensure more effective treatment with better patient outcomes is the new standard.

Our values

Photocure's core values comprise important standards for the company, both internally and externally, and guide what we believe and how we will succeed. They exist under the principle that We Care ... about all that we do and all who we touch. We value diversity and are respectful, inclusive and operate with the highest level of integrity. Our values guide the behavior of employees and form the basis for Photocure's ethical guidelines: Take Ownership, Be Passionate, Be Courageous, Be Agile, Be Curious and Work Together.

Our expertise

Ensuring patients with bladder cancer receive the best possible care.

Our expertise in bladder cancer has helped treat hundreds of thousands of patients over the years. But we also know that by collaborating with eminent physicians and research teams, and by working closely with healthcare systems across the world, our vision can be achieved more effectively. In line with our ambition we continuously strive to conduct our business in an ethical and transparent way, ensuring patients with bladder cancer receive the best possible care.

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